Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Greene: the cavalier boss

So-called a joy a few sad, this is not only the ordinary people of helpless, cheap nfl jerseys, is also the NBA30 team, at present still the golden state warriors for champion in singing dance festival atmosphere, and stars who failed to get their hands on the champions after still have begun to the means of plan, after all, as long as the league one day does not collapse, so expensive is the professional basketball player in the league have a duty to prepare for next season in.
Now, as long as it doesn't happen in the next three years without major incident, the league team will also have to look at other knights and warriors, so some tries to win the championship for himself star will focus on the warriors and knights, to join the two teams have to be proud of, and the recent transfer is the most fierce Paul George to join the knights formed city four giant, is this idea ready a realistic possibility, cheap hats, thus caused the title and is still in celebrating carnival of the mighty one of the four giant pursue green sense of crisis, thus the dream-seeker table send twitter most humiliating poking fun at the James and the cavaliers.
In green's view, the knight has made a lot of trade in this season, including trading home sharpshooter warren and his respected elder deron Williams, but it turns out even if they do trade brought a league-leading, but cannot play a role for the team, instead of in the finals stage by the mighty hard to teach a person, so I can win with blindly reinforcement didn't matter much, mainly should also from their own to find fault.
"Yes, I have said very understand, probably because of the cavaliers owner for James preference, at the request of James reinforcing a lot of players, pay a lot of the luxury tax, wholesale jerseys, but James led the cavaliers to win is not to," after that, the twitter in green then wrote: "and if you want to trade Paul George, knight boss must hand in more luxury tax for James, I really love him."
See not hard, pursue green after the title seems to become more compassionate, he said, of course, the purpose of these words is not to save money for the cavaliers owner Dan gilbert so simple, after all he is afraid of the knight once formed four giant will pose a threat to the warriors, but Dan gilbert always with deep pockets, believe that as long as Paul George he completely don't mind more willing to make some luxury tax, cheap jerseys, so Dan gilbert exactly have chance to pay the luxury tax, they see Paul George think!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Cristiano ronaldo: I'm not a superstar but I've made history

The final of the European champions league final is coming, cheap nba hatswith Spanish TV channel six releasing the final section of the c-luo interview. Cristiano ronaldo has made it clear he is not afraid to kick a penalty kick against buffon. Ronaldo also said he is not a galaxy star but has created a history of football.
Ronaldo spoke of nawaz first: "he is a real Madrid goalkeeper. DE gea is great, but he is united goalkeeper. In the next season, we will only supplements one or two players, not a lot of people."
Ronaldo then talked about tactics: "people think I am now center, but I will never become a traditional center. I am now the location of the aspirant 600 goals, why should I change position? It depends on the coach's tactics, I like to have more freedom. I prefer to play 442, 433,  but that doesn't mean I don't like to play because I have other movement while playing 433. Of course I like to play more freedom, because I am in Portugal are used to playing 442."
What's the weakness of buffon? Answered with cristiano ronaldo: "I am not a player like watching video, cheap nfl fitted hats,understand each other weakness is very important, of course, but I don't focus too much on these. The penalty kick, for example, at that time, there will be a lot of thoughts in my head, need to make a decision, this is by intuition. So I don't like, I use my instinct to play."
Cristiano ronaldo united era has played in the champions league final penalty, but now he is not afraid of face before 12 yards buffon: "the final penalty kick? I'm not afraid, I like adventure. It's not life and death, I could also probably not scoring. But I won't miss, we must think a problem from the Angle of positive."
How to divide players? Ronaldo gives his opinion: "good players, very good players and galactic stars."
Cristiano ronaldo finally self-image: "I don't think of yourself as a galaxy star, but I think I have already made history at Manchester united and real Madrid and country. I know how I was a player, cheap nfl snapback hatsI will be in real Madrid history."

Zidane: I'm not as good as him

Juventus and real Madrid in the champions league final world war one arrow is imminent, cheap soccer jerseysCardiff one thousand stadium has become the object of sports media attention around the world. Before the game, real Madrid coach zidane zidane attended the pre-match press conference and praised the star player cristiano ronaldo.
In the champions league final pre-match press conference, once for Juventus and real Madrid of zinedine zidane was asked, he and C Luo Ruguo and he played at the same time, so who will be better players, real Madrid boss replied: "there is no doubt that is cristiano ronaldo."
"Ronaldo can score and that's the most important thing."
"I used to be a very good player, but the goal is not my strong suit. I'm more good at assists, I am in some important goals, but than with him."
Speaking of the main character of cristiano ronaldo, zidane replied: "he always wants more, even if he always wants to win in the training class."
"He gave us, it is his forever naturally determination, the flame of his heart, he is a natural leader, cheap MLB Hatsespecially in the field."

Real Madrid's eight legends

Before the champions league final, real Madrid's backers, nfl jerseys cheapKaren cloth, raul, roberto carlos, figo, mia aboutthis, salgado and clarence seedorf came to Cardiff, fans smile said that "all seven scholars" is to set the rhythm of the big dipper plough array. Together with zinedine zidane, the eight legends have taken the European crown 20 times.
Karen, raul, roberto carlos, figo, mia aboutthis, salgado, clarence seedorf and zinedine zidane a total of eight people career got 20 European champions, and zinedine zidane as a player and coach rate galacticos mounted on the top of Europe. With the champions league champions in the champions league, real Madrid have added a lot of steam tonight.
In the star's face, already can see the trace of time, but they still high-spirited, stood on the ground in the champions league final, you look young, also a lot of big shots. The fans also saw their former white robes running around the field. After raul's goal, carlos's unreasoning free-kick, cheap nhl jerseyszidane's marseille, and kalenbrey's flamboyant braids are all in the eye.
The real Madrid players are mostly champions of the European champions league last year, and they will try to break the spell and become the first defending team in the European champions league. AC milan, ajax, Manchester united and Juventus have been seen in back-to-back champions league final, Juventus in the 1997 champions league final defeat to borussia Dortmund was 20 years ago.
In 2015, juve also hated the champions league final, after losing out to Barcelona, both of which were riveted and with a spell. The number of champions league champions is nowhere near real Madrid, cheap ncaa jerseysand they are much less likely than real Madrid's high-profile backers.

James was elected 11 times

The NBA announced today's best team list 2016-17, in which James is no suspense in a moment, this is the 11th time in his career best squad team, cheap oakley sunglassesmatch Bryant and Karl Malone, ranked team of most players in NBA history to be included in the xi.
Zhan emperor is the first person today
In the best squad list, James and harden, Russell westbrook, Leonard, Anthony Davis selected the best team together, lebron won 99 votes in the first, total 1 second votes, a total of 498 points, and less tied for second, is only inferior to the harden (100 first votes).
This is huang, 13th in xi zhan is 11 times in the best squad team, since 2008, James has 10 years in a row in a moment, is the most intact figure in the list.
For James, who is 32, he still has a strong performance this season, and here's what lebron has done in the regular season:
In 14th season in his career, cheap jerseysMr. Huang is averaging 26.4 points (alliance) 8, 8.6 rebounds and 8.7 assists (7) alliance, rebounds and assists all his creation career high, at the same time, his shooting percentage is as high as 54.8%, ranking 10th.
James became the first player in history to get at least 25 points and eight rebounds and eight assists per season, while also shooting at least 54 percent of the shooting percentage.
This season, lebron has been averaging at least 25 points for 13 consecutive seasons and has maintained the strongest performance ever.
James has 13 triple-doubles this season, the third in the league, and he also has 42 times in the league, the 11th in the league, which has set a career record.
James has been in the all-star lineup for 13 consecutive seasons, equalling Bob cuxi, who tied for first place in the NBA's all-time all-star lineup.
James continued to score in the regular season for two consecutive games to 791, the second-highest in history, just under Jordan (866).
The regular season, cheap mlb jerseysJames has 61 games to get 20 +, 23 to 30 + 2 to 40 +, his career total score 28787 points, ranking seventh history. In the league in scoring this season, James have transcended hakeem olajuwon (26946 points), elvin hayes (27313 points), Moses - Malone (27409 points) and o 'neill (28596 points).
Meanwhile, James has made 7461 assists, ranking 12th in history and 10423 in his career, ranking 13th in history.
Now in the playoffs, led the cavaliers to get James 9 in a row, there is no doubt that lebron is still today in the league benchmark, which is the most influential player.

Leonard harden was a big winner

The NBA announced the best line-up this season, for selected player, cheap replica oakleysthis is not only a must, and, more importantly, this is directly related to their most likely size of the new contract.
Garage, harden, Wisconsin brooke, Leonard, theo, they are all in the best squad (first, second, or third), so that they are eligible to in particular the female team of veteran players' status and the present contract.
In the present labor agreement in the NBA, there is a clause is about the characteristic of veteran players, each team can offer the biggest to conform to the conditions of their players paid contract (35% of the salary cap). Prescribed conditions include to play in the NBA for 7, 8 of the season, was recently three seasons interval to the MVP (almost any season season 3) or team of a (last season, or nearly three season of season 2), wholesale nfl jerseysand in the present contract period not to be traded.
In the above mentioned these stars, only the garage is completely free agent this summer, he has a chance to get from the golden state warriors a five-year, $210 million contract.
Brooke, harden and Wisconsin, wall, the summer is qualified to be "specifically veteran players" terms and conditions of the contract to apply, Leonard is have this qualification next summer.
For George and hayward, it is a pity that they have lost their ability to renew their contracts because they have failed to qualify for the best squad. And that for the pacers, jazz wanted to keep star also is very bad, cheap nfl hatsbecause the team contract advantage is reduced, so the choice is likely to lead to the star scales tilt to the other side.

O 'neill dunks for the NBA

Shaquille o 'neal has been retired for six years, cheap nfl jerseysbut he posted a game of video on social media today and threatened to return to the NBA.
In video, o 'neal was playing a 5v5 field goal when he caught the ball in front of him and defended o 'neal as a man who was much smaller than he was. When he got the ball, he went to the inner circle and pushed the defenders out of the line with his left elbow. In the end, o 'neal finished with a two-handed dunk and hung for a while on the rim.
While Posting the video, o 'neal wrote on IG: "is there any team that needs a big guy, $100 million over three years?"
Obviously, o 'neill was just kidding. After all, he's been out of the NBA for too long and he's out of the question. But then again, he was the most dominant center in the NBA. If Mr. O 'neal's peak season is now in the NBA, cheap snapbacksthe price of $100 million in three years is low.